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Ballistic Testing

We are an independent third-party ballistic testing company providing standardized terminal and exterior ballistic testing services to ammunition and firearm manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and law-abiding gun owners. (2 days ago)

Brassfetcher.com: Ballistic Testing

Brassfetcher.com is tracked by us since February, 2014. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 1 260 899 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from USA, where it reached as high as 461 933 position. (5 days ago)

.38 special ammo

I have a couple of 38 special snubnoses. One is an older Taurus & I don't shoot +P ammo in it but the other is a new S&W Airweight & can shoot the hotter loads. (3 days ago)

460 Rowland conversion an on going test. | The Leading

So I did the 460 Rowland conversion ran 100 rounds and no issues in my Gen 3 G21SF. I've now put about 160 more rounds down range and still fine and my crimson trace is still dead on as I was worried the 10mm upper and the Rowland would throw the optics off center. (1 week ago)

Ammunition and Ballistics at mouseguns.com

information and ideas about small pocket guns. The links below are for handgun ammo, except for the links to .17HMR, which is available only for bolt-action rifles. (4 days ago)

.32 ACP

.32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), also known as the .32 Automatic, is a centerfire pistol cartridge.It is a semi-rimmed, straight-walled cartridge developed by firearms designer John Browning, initially for use in the FN M1900 semi-automatic pistol. It was introduced in 1899 by Fabrique Nationale, and is also known as the 7.65×17mmSR Browning or 7.65 mm Browning Short. (6 days ago)

10mm Auto

The 10mm Auto cartridge was originally drafted and championed by eminent firearms expert Lieutenant Colonel John Dean "Jeff" Cooper, and referred to as the ".40 Super" (not to be confused with the .40 Super cartridge developed in 1996). It was designed to be a medium-velocity pistol cartridge with better external ballistics (i.e., flatter trajectory, greater range) than the .45 ACP and capable (3 days ago)

Ballistic Testing of G2 Research Civic Duty in 9mm -The

The round would not technically pass the FBI standards as a significant portion of the mass did not penetrate twelve inches. Conclusions. Despite not technically passing the FBI depth of twelve inches (with the exception of the dry wall test, which was an over penetration), both Tom G and I liked this round. (3 years ago)

Water Jugs as Test Media

How reliable are water jugs as media for testing expansion for HP handgun bullets? Understanding that ballistic gelatin may be the best media but not as accessible nor in the budget right now. Water will open up an expanding bullet whereas that same bullet will not expand in living tissue. Water is (6 years ago)

Final Results of the .380 ACP Ammo Quest | Shooting The Bull

Below is the summary table, results, and links for the videos of all the ammo tests that were conducted..380 ACP Micro-Pistol With ~2.8? Barrel (4 days ago)

Definition of Brass

an alloy of copper and zinc; a wind instrument that consists of a tube usually of variable length that is blown by means of a cup shaped or funnel shaped mouthpiece; the persons or committees or departments etc who make up a body for the purpose of administering something; impudent aggressiveness; an ornament or utensil made of; the section of a band or orchestra that plays instruments; a memorial made of