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Ballistic Testing

Ballistic Testing. The source for rational ammunition selection. Welcome to Ballistic Testing. We are an independent third-party ballistic testing company providing standardized terminal and exterior ballistic testing services to ammunition and firearm manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and law-abiding gun (5 days ago)

Ballistic gelatin test results : 32&R Magnum | The High Road

+1. Cor-Bon .32NAA, as it was loaded when I tested it, is a poor example of the capabilities of this cartridge. All that they had to do was to substitute a 71gr (or heavier), limited expansion JHP for the fragmentation-prone 60gr XTP that they went with. (6 days ago)

22LR vs. 25ACP | Blog

If you are in the market for the smallest of handguns, you are likely looking at purchasing either a 22LR or 25ACP caliber pistol. There are masterpieces of engineering such as the Kel-Tec P32 and P3AT which fire the 32ACP and 380ACP cartridges, respectively, in a firearm that is often smaller and lighter than competing? (1 week ago)

CBS News Scoop: AR-15 Rifles More Powerful than Handguns

Here is the AR-15 tested by Ballistic Testing: Here is the 30.06 tested by Ballistic Testing: Like many rifles, an AR-15 is more powerful than a 9mm handgun. However, when contrasted with other rifles?be they 45-70s, a 30.06, or other firearms?the AR-15 pales in comparison. (3 days ago)

Blog | My Thoughts on Wound Ballistics

Blog. My Thoughts on Wound Ballistics, Survival and the Technology of both. About; 12 Gauge shotgun Exotic Ammunition Leave a comment. April 30, 2013 by jervin2012 (3 days ago)

How Does Buckshot Perform at 50 Yards?

Ballistic Testing recently conducted an eye-opening ballistic gelatin test of buckshot at 50 yards distance. The rounds were shot from a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun with 20" barrel length and full choke. This video shows the results. (5 days ago)

Ballistic gelatin test results : .32ACP | The High Road

If you want some really hot .32 Auto stuff Fiocchi has a 60 gr SJHP 7.65 Browning round which is rated at 1200 fps-205 ft/lbs of energy. In contrast, their 60 gr Hornady XTP HP is rated at 1000/130 and their 73 gr FMJ round is rated at 980/155. (2 weeks ago)

What Happens When You Shoot a 1911 at -65 Degrees?

brings us a very interesting video. The 1911 has a reputation for being an incredibly reliable pistol. Well, this incredible slow motion video of a Remington R1 1911 pistol shooting at -65°F just does even more to show what an incredible firearm the 1911 is. Check out the video for (4 weeks ago)

Definition of Brass

an alloy of copper and zinc; a wind instrument that consists of a tube usually of variable length that is blown by means of a cup shaped or funnel shaped mouthpiece; the persons or committees or departments etc who make up a body for the purpose of administering something; impudent aggressiveness; an ornament or utensil made of; the section of a band or orchestra that plays instruments; a memorial made of