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Download for Firefox. when overing an image with mouse, adds a "save" button in the corner of that image. The aim of this extension is to make it more easy to download images: you don't have to right-click each time you want to download an image from a web page. Only compatible with firefox 3 and more. (2 weeks ago)


While debuging a Swing application I saw this thread appear quite offen. There is a another thread called " 1" also. Can someone please explain to me what does this thread do. (2 weeks ago)


Image-Fetcher. Fetching images from a particular url. This nuget package will help you to fetch images (JPEG and PNG) from a given url .You can configure the image type and maximum number of images. (3 weeks ago)

Save Images More Comfortably With

saves you from having to right-click on images to save them. One issue is the fact that will save the shown image, and not the linked image. If a thumbnail is shown only on a page, it will be saved. (9 years ago)

"" Threads?? | Oracle Community

When you create a new ImageIcon the actual image data is loaded in the background, hence the thread. If the image is part of a display before it's completely loaded it will automatically be redrawn when complete. (2 months ago)


image-fetcher This is a nodejs API/module for fetching all the images from a wesite. It will go through all the links present in the entire website and will fetch the images. (1 week ago)


Specify the method for authenticating with the server: Basic (HTTP Basic authentication): This is the default choice, and the only method in widespread use and supported virtually everywhere. This sends a username and password over the network in plain text, easily captured by others. (1 month ago)

Threads?? (Java in General forum at Coderanch)

Hi, I need help! Has anyone ever heard of '' threads?? I have a java program, which, during its initialization, creates 2 different objects - let's call them object A and B. Each of these objects contains a very simple loop which (1 week ago)

Definition of Image

an iconic mental representation; Jungian psychology a personal facade that one presents to the world; a visual representation of an object or scene or person or abstraction produced on a surface; a standard or typical example; language used in a figurative or nonliteral sense; someone who closely resembles a famous person especially an actor; mathematics the set of values of the dependent variable for which a function is defined; the general impression that something a person or organization or product presents to the public; a representation of a person especially in the form of sculpture render visible as by means of MRI; imagine conceive of see in one s mind