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Is anyone else having like insane problems with Snow

must die. I've had to disable it on my Macbook as well as my Moms because it would eat up a gig of ram and max out CPU running both Macs into the ground. permalink (6 days ago)

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Mine is slower too. Seems like load times take much longer.

Safari 4: Experiences

I launch Activity Monitor, and I see that "" (that's not the exact name) is using 99 to 100 percent of the CPU. If I force quit it, it comes back to life after a few moments. If I quit Safari 4 and then unpin the permanent pages in the Top Sites arena the Preview Fetcher is not launched and all remains silent. (1 week ago)

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Safari se connecte aux sites via le module pour les mettre à jour. Si tu fais une identification par mot de passe ça ne marchera pas forcément. Et puis démerde toi avec ton chien si t'es si malin. (3 weeks ago)

Safari komplett zerstrt / webprocess 100% auslastung

Die dauerauslastung des "webprocess" und gelegentlich "" konnte ich dadurch zwar nicht abstellen, jedoch eben war surfen möglich. Seitdem funktionieren auch keine zwei-/drei-/etc. Finger gesten mehr. Ich würde gerne den browser komplett löschen und neu installieren, dies ist aber leider nicht so einfach unter OS X (1 week ago)

Definition of Safari

an overland journey by hunters especially in Africa

Definition of Preview

an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future; a screening for a select audience in advance of release for the general public watch a movie or play before it is released to the general public