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jQuery Ajax included (no need to reload); Fetches Title, Description, Thumbnail, Tags, Embed Code and Privacy Settings; Automatically transforms all links to Videos New; Multi links fetcher; Supports many major Video 


EVF lets you build your media site quickly by simplifying the way you retrieve videos from other sites. This is probably the easiest script you have ever seen. It is also very well documented (a lot of in-file comments and 

YouTube : Retrieve YouTube video files in MP4 format

This class can retrieve YouTube video files in MP4 format. It takes as parameters the identifier of a YouTube video and the desired download quality value. The class determines the download URL of the video in MP4 format download the 

Myvi.ru /grabber | PHP

'Myvi.ru /grabber' job on Freelancer. Work on this job or post your own for free!

Treepodia's Youtube Fetcher ? Harness Youtube to Power Your Sales

ElectricShopping.com had been using Treepodia's smart video platform to publish thousands of product videos to the website and had achieved very good ROI even before the latest pilot, however the Youtube fetcher helped 

How to integrate Zencoder Fetcher with Video module | Drupal.org

Module Installed : Video, Video.js, Zencoder API Versions Installed :- Zencoder library -2.1.2, Video.js--3.2.0, Video transcoder: Zencoder--1.2 I successfully get the Zencoder API key after creating account in Zencoder.

Feeds YouTube Fetcher | Drupal.org

The Feeds YouTube Fetcher is a Feeds fetcher plugin that is able to fetch a feed from the YouTube Playlist API. This module handles the unique case where the feed is paginated and allows you to import your entire video 

Download Youtube Video With Web

Download Youtube Video With Web - 100% Spyware Free - No D By Prateek Thakar ? Instagram will add video sharing to challenge Vine · How to Migrate Your Applications to the Cloud · Microsoft buys Nokia phones to 

Need a Youtube ( More Details Inside )

Default Need a Youtube ( More Details Inside ). job close . not valid anymore. Last edited by baokyrox; 12-03-2013 at 06:31 AM. This member has been permanently banned from BHW.

Hollywood News & Gossip: "Sesame Street" Katy Perry

"Sesame Street" Katy Perry . Katy Perry is not singing Elmo "Sesame Street" after the television program's producers for a long time decided to remove the clip with the singer, and a popular puppet parody of his hit song "Hot N 

Fetcher Unlimited, Secure, Intuitive File Exchange

Fetcher provides unlimited, secure and intuitive internet file exchange between you and your business partners or clients. Fetcher is a micro-server, a device (5 days ago)

Design Aeon

Welcome To Design Aeon Breaking News. November 14, 2014 Top 7 Must-try bug tracking tools for Java developers Java has undoubtedly emerged as one of the leading (4 days ago)

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Come visualizzare i video censurati su YouTube

Salve!!! Tutti i più accaniti user di Youtube, sanno come il famoso servizio di Google utilizzi un sistema che consente agli utenti di segnalare il video come (2 days ago)

Definition of Video

the visible part of a television transmission; a recording of both the visual and audible components especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program; computer science the appearance of text and graphics on a display; broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects